TCC Competition Rocket Vendors List

Qualified Competition Rockets has kits and supplies for the performance events.

Aerospace Speciality Products has PD, SD, BG and ELD kits and supplies.

Aerospace Speciality Products Scale kits for SC, SCA, SUSC, SPSC, SPSY and supplies.

Aerospace Speciality Products sells the Edmonds Radio Controlled Glider

Balsa Machining Service (BMS) - By Bill Saindon. Great source for custom parts for contest models, including scale model parts. Made-to-order custom balsa nose cones, transitions, & blocks. Stock nose cones, transitions, tubes, couplers, centering rings, & Kevlar cord. Custom laser-cut fins and centering rings. Dealer for Edmonds Glider kits and Saturn Press.

Apogee Components - By Tim VanMilligan. Saturn Scale Kits, Heli-roc kit. Cast Glider hooks. Parts such as tubes, nose cones, and egg capsules. Contest oriented engines that unfortunately are long out of stock with the recent exceptions of new E6 and F10 engines (spring 2004) . Dealer for some Quest kits, Quest engines, and some Aerotech engines.

Pratt Hobbies - By Doug Pratt. Vac-formed Egg Capsules (Single and Dual) and Vac-formed (13, 18, & 24mm) nose cones (all from the old CMR equipment), Kevlar Cord, other supplies. "Super Six" kit (useful for 18mm PD & SD events). Dealer for Quest Nike-Smoke kit, and for some scale kits by ASP (Aerospace Specialty Products).

Edmonds Aerospace - By Rob Edmonds. Specializing in Glider kits.

FlisKits - By Jim Flis. Parts such as tubes, nose cones, centering rings, etc.

Tango Papa Decals - By Tom Papa. Tango Papa offers a variety of decals for certain scale models, at almost any desired scale. They can also do custom decal work, whether for scale, sport, or even just your NAR number.