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Possible tracking powders, listed from cheapest to most expensive. This list does not represent a recommendation by The Competition Consortium. Prices do not include tax, shipping, handling or other possible charges. This list is not exhaustive. There are many suppliers and many prices. TCC provides this list simply to give you options and information from which to make your own plans. We’ve included prices only for comparison. Be sure to check the supplier for current pricing.


Casual Competitor – about 1 teaspoon then adjust for best results


Approximately $2.00 per pound

Carpenter’s chalk for chalk lines, 35.6 ounces, $4.59. Colors include red, blue and black.


Approximately $3.90 per pound

Dry Tempra paint (powder), $3.90 per pound. Colors include black, red, magenta, orange, and violet





Take No Prisoners! – about ˝ teaspoon then adjust for best results


Approximately $22 per pound

Epoxy pigments, smallest option is a 5 pound container, approximately $110. Colors include rocket red, fire orange, blaze orange and corona magenta.


A-11 A-11 AURORA PINK Repack 5# Pail(s) $21.44 LB


A-13-N A-13-N ROCKET RED Repack 5# Pail(s) $21.44 LB


A-14-N A-14-N FIRE ORANGE Repack 5# Pail(s) $21.95 LB


A-15-N A-15-N BLAZE ORANGE Repack 5# Pail(s) $21.95 LB


A-21 A-21 CORONA MAGENTA Repack 5# Pail(s) $21.44 LB


FOB Shipping Point --- Freight Collect

Repacks - in 5Lb pkgs must allow 2-3 days leadtime



Approximately $25 per pound (not recommended, just provided for your info)

Laser Printer Black Toner



Approximately $40.00 per pound or $3.00 per ounce

Epoxy pigments per pound or 4 ounces. Colors include blaze orange, corona magenta and rocket red.



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