Statement of Purpose


The Competition Consortium is a cooperative effort by National Association of Rocketry Southwest Region Contest Directors to enhance NAR model rocketry competition and restore the lost prestige of NAR national model rocket records by:

 1.  Providing easy access to NAR model rocket competition tips, event information, scheduling and pre-registration for NAR Southwest Region model rocket competition and record events. 


2.  Maintaining enhanced lists of NAR national model rocket records and section contact data.


3. Recognizing national model rocket record setters with an individual, personal email message.


4. Publishing and maintaining Certificates of Award for national model rocket record setters in The Competition Consortium's "Hall of Fame".


5. Supporting and training NAR Contest Directors, judges, and other contest officials in the NAR Southwest Region.


Participating sections:
DARS #308, NHRC #365, CenTAR #370SSS #506, FLARE #577, AARG #585, Alamo Rocketeers #661, HCR #671, Old Rocketeers #724, STAC #739, Boots & Chutes #740




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