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TCC uses for pre-registration of NAR sanctioned events in the Southwest Region.  Click the links below for contest info.
Click here to see the NAR national performance records for the events in these meets and NARAM 54

 National Association of Rocketry National Events: 2010-2011 Contest Year

National Association of Rocketry Convention (NARCON) 2011
National Sport Launch (NSL) 2011

National Association of Rocketry Annual Meet (NARAM) 54 July 30, 2012 to Auguts 3, 2012


TCC SWRCB Contest Calendar 2011-2012

NOTE: An inactive section link below means that a meet is not scheduled for that section. This list has only those sections which have hosted meets.

Texas Fire Danger (Burn Bans)

Art Applewhite's Texas Launch Information -- All launches in Texas, not just NAR contests.

Dallas Area Rocket Society (DARS) #308 Contests

NARAM 53 Route: Dallas, Texas,  to Launch Site approx 980 miles, 16 hours

NASA/Houston Rocket Club (NHRC) #365 Contests

NARAM 53 Route: Houston, Texas to Launch Site approx 1100 miles, 19 hours


Old Rocketeers (OldR) #741 NARAM 53 Route: Houston, Texas, to Launch Site


Austin Area Rocketry Group (AARG) #585 Contests

 NARAM 53 Route: Austin, Texas,  to Launch Site approx 1175 miles, 20 hours


Alamo Rocketeers (Alamo Rocketeers) #661 Contests


NARAM 53 Route: San Antonio, Texas to Lauch Site approx  1250 miles,  20  hours


Hill Country Rocketeers (HCR) #671 NARAM 53 Route: Kerrville, Texas to Launch Site approx 1250 miles, 20 hours


Superstition Spacemodeling Society (SSS) #506 Contests

NARAM 53 Route: Phoenix, AZ to Launch Site approx 1860 miles, 31 hours

New Mexico

Fellowship of Las Cruces Area Rocket Enthusiasts (FLARE) #577  Contests

NARAM 53 Route: Alamogordo, NM to Launch Site approx 1470 miles, 25 hours


ZIA Spacemodelers (ZIA) #517  NARAM 53 Route: Los Alamos, NM, to Launch Site approx 1470 miles 25 hours




 Piedmont Area Rocketry Club (PARC) #710  NARAM 53 Route: Piedmont, OK to Launch Site approx 900 miles, 15 hours