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Central Texas Association of Rocektry (CenTAR) 370


5 SEP 2015

CenTAR 370 will host a Section contest in conjunction with the AARG 585 September launch. This contest is open only to CenTAR members. For more information, see the CenTAR contest link at the left.


CenTAR is Chartered Section number 370 of the National Association of Rocketry. We are a group of folks who like to fly model rockets in a safe, educational and fun environment. While we conduct all flight operations in full accordance with the National Association of Rocketry Model Rocket Safety Code (MRSC) and NFPA 1122, we believe that we can be safe and have fun at the same time. You are welcome to bring your own launch equipment and come fly with us. All you have to do is follow the NAR MRSC and comply with all guidance from CenTAR officers. 

Model rocketry was developed during the "space race" era as an alternative to the amateur rocket activity -- involving metallic airframes and the mixing of dangerous propellants -- that was responsible for injuring and even killing numerous young scientific experimenters. 

Model rockets are constructed of much safer materials -- such as cardboard, plastic, and balsa wood -- and are fueled by single-use rocket motors manufactured by professional concerns. These rockets may be flown over and over simply by replacing the used motor with a fresh one. They typically contain a parachute, streamer, or other recovery device that allows them to land gently to fly again. The modeler need never mix, pack, or work with explosives or propellants.

Today, model rocket kits and motors can be purchased in almost every hobby shop and toy store. Kits are designed for all ages and all levels of challenge, from simple starter kits to complicated scale models. Motor power ranges from "1/8A" (the smallest) to "G" -- enough power to lift a six-foot model and a hefty payload! 

Model rockets must be flown in compliance with the Model Rocket Safety Code.